Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation, known as "SLAPP" suits, are a form of a harassing litigation meant to chill a person's First Amendment rights to freedom of speech, of the press, and to petition, or to retaliate against the person for the lawful exercise of their rights. Such lawsuits have little or no substantive merit, but instead are meant to case the person exercising their rights to spend a painful amount of money in litigation.

A majority of U.S. states now have so-called Anti-SLAPP statutes that allow persons facing SLAPP suits to seek an early dismissal of the harassing plaintiff's case, and to be made whole through the recovery of the person's attorney fees and costs. This is accomplished by the filing and quick litigation of an "Anti-SLAPP Motion", the mere filing of which usually stops the rest of the litigation pending the resolution of this special motion to dismiss.

The firm practices in the area of Anti-SLAPP, including the prosecution and defense of Anti-SLAPP motions in appropriate cases. The firm has experience in the area of Anti-SLAPP litigation. Jay Adkisson was an American Bar Association Section Adviser to the drafting committee of the Uniform Public Expression Protection Act and has drafted numerous articles on the subject of Anti-SLAPP motions. Jay is also the author of the book, "Anti-SLAPP Laws Modernized: The Uniform Public Expression Protection Act.

If you would like further information on our Anti-Slapp practice, please contact Jay Adkisson.